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Aluminum airline rail set, semicircular shape 4 x 1m | semicircular airline rail for load securing for trucks and mobile homes | drilled lashing rail silver | lashing rail

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EXTREMELY ROBUST - These extremely robust and durable airline rails made of anodised aluminum can easily withstand heavy loads. The LC strength is 400daN (kg).

TOTALLY SECURE - Secure truck and RV cargo as required. This lashing track ensures the safety of you, your employees and everyone else.

QUICKLY ADJUSTABLE - Thanks to the semicircular shape of the high-quality lashing strip and the precise holes, you can quickly attach and move the eyelets. Everything is adjusted in seconds.

EASY INSTALLATION - There are pre-drilled holes in the airline rail at a distance of 10 cm. These holes make it easy for you to attach the bar and ensure optimal weight distribution.

Product Descriptions:

The extremely robust lashing rails have a strength of 400daN (kg) and are made of anodized aluminum that can withstand heavy loads. To ensure that the load is optimally distributed and to make it easy for you to install the lashing rail, you will find a hole every 10 cm in the semi-circular rail. The precise holes make it easy to adjust the eyelets in the transport rail and adapt them to the load.

Technical details of the aluminum airline rail:
- Semicircular shape
- Anodized aluminum
- 3mm thickness
- Strength of 400daN (Kg)
- HxWxL: 11x50x1000 mm
- 20mm hole diameter

The advantages of the lashing rail at a glance:
- Very resistant
- Fast backup possible
- Extremely safe
- Easy assembly and adjustment