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Goluckyin table fireplace table fire bio ethanol fireplace decorative fireplace

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🔥【High Quality Materials】Our table fireplace is made of borosilicate glass cover and stainless steel double alcohol cup, which is heat-resistant and durable.

🔥【Safe Structural Design】The alcohol cup adopts non-flammable ceramic fiber cotton and maximum capacity, which can prevent alcohol from splashing when refilling alcohol. And the table fireplace is equipped with a safe fire extinguishing tool.

🔥【Clean and Residue Free】No steam, no smell, no smoke, no soot, no ash when using high quality bioethanol.

🔥【Long Burning Time】The capacity of the alcohol cup is 130ml, so the burning time is about 70-90 minutes (max time up to 120 minutes depending on alcohol quality)

🔥【Suitable for indoors and outdoors】 If you use our table fireplace indoors, you will feel a romantic, warm and relaxed atmosphere. If you use it outdoors, you will feel an active, lively and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Technical specifications

Product size: height 27.5cm, diameter 16.5cm

Flame height: 10-25cm

Burning time: 70-90 min (maximum time 120 min, depending on alcohol quality)


1. Black matte texture of iron spray (powder spray). Height 9 cm, diameter 16.5 cm

2. Borosilicate glass cover. 18 cm high, 14 cm diameter

3. Fire fighting tool, black powder-sprayed cold-rolled steel, matte texture. Height 18.5 cm, diameter 8.5 cm

4. Pebbles

5. Alcohol mug, double stainless steel. Capacity 130ml

scope of delivery

Glass cover * 1

base * 1

Firefighting tools * 1

A pack of white pebbles

A double-layer stainless steel alcohol container (alcohol cup) with ceramic fiber cotton

A German / English manual

DANGER! Please operate the table fireplaces exclusively with BIOETHANOL and not with other fuels.